Dove Release  | Wedding doves | Manchester, Liverpool,
Dove Release  | Wedding doves | Manchester, Liverpool,

White doves to release for a funeral and weddings in Lancashire 

Where do white doves go after they are released at a funeal or wedding ? 
The white doves are trained from being young and under go months of training to go home after every release and return to the loft in Preston Lancashire.

Can i hold a white dove at my wedding or at a funeral ?
Yes you can hold the white dove or choose to release the doves for a love heart basket


Why do you release doves at a wedding ?  The doves are pure white and represent love peace purity and pair up for life the bride and groom release two white doves after the wedding ceremony 

We are based in Lancashire and have public liability insurance and are reccomended by most funeral directors  for our area.


It has been reported that some people release untrained white doves at weddings and funerals these birds are garden doves or fantails that will perish in the wild, this is why you should never do a self release its cruel and  you can be fined by the R.S.P.C.A . you should always book a white dove  release company.


Our Reveiws -  all our reveiws can be seen on our facebook page  -  Destiny Doves

Nazia Mukhtar Such a fantastic wedding dove release service provided. Very punctual with time and the service was just wonderful. The experience provided by Destiny Doves was everything like a fairy tale wedding. Highly recommend.

Would just like to say a huge thanks for the beautiful white dove release you did for me at a special friends funeral in Liverpool, making arrangements with you made me feel like I'd known you forever, everything was just perfect, I would recommend you 100% to anyone wanting doves released for any occasion, once again Thankyou Linda, Val xxx  

Thank You for letting us hire your beautiful white doves on our wedding day. I was emotionally surprised when I came out of church to see these beautiful doves there.  All the guest have commented on them and the kids loved them. Highly recommend you and your doves. Thanks again - Kelly Kennedy 

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