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Wedding Dove Release  | Wedding doves | Dove Release | funeral doves

White Doves for a Funeral or Wedding - Dove Release professionals UK 

Destiny Doves White dove release professionals for Weddings or Funerals in the Northwest UK, we have been in business now for 8 years providing dove release for all occassions in Lancashire.

Our white doves are not for sale ! we are a business and we provide dove release service  for a wedding,  funeral or memorials

Our birds are breed and trained for your releases they are Rock doves and it takes months of training for the dove to attend your Wedding, Funeral, Memorial and Events               


Terms and Conditions

Our doves will not be released in bad weather such as heavy rain, snow, fog or strong winds as they cannot navigate to fly safely back home
The  white birds will Not be released indoors or at night time

The white dove must have enough time to fly home 2 hours before sunset
It is very unlikely that they will do any droppings during a release, in case of an accident we cannot be held responsible
£30 deposit is required when booking and the remaining balance paid 3 months before your wedding

The Deposit is non refundable unless the arrangements are cancelled by ourselves our doves will not be released due to bad weather conditions

In the unfortunate event that the White doves cannot fly due to unfit weather conditions, we reserve the right to cancel the dove release for your wedding ceremony or funeral service i hope you understand we can not let our birds go in bad weather 

Contact Destiny Doves on 01253 766311 or 07886882001 

White dove release professionals for weddings and funerals inBackpool, Preston Liverpool Lancashire  

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